Silver Pearl phone case

Description: 100% wireless signal blocking dual pocket phone case
Color:  silver + silver dots
Features: built-in Faraday cage for shielding, magnetic closure, radio frequency and fire-proof material
Inner pocket: blocks GPS signals, Wi-Fi signals, Bluetooth, electro-magnetic radiation and incoming calls. Place your cell phone in this pocket you and protect yourself from tracking, and eavesdropping via your cellphone.
Outer pocket: Place your cell phone in this pocket to protect your body against cell phone radiation. Perfect for mothers. Protects babies from harmful cell phone radiation during pregnancy. Allows incoming calls.
suede leather (back)
artificial leather (front)
metal textiles (inside)
4-inch: W: 9,3 cm; L: 16,2 cm; H: 0,8 cm
5-inch: W: 10,6 cm; L: 18,2 cm; H: 0,9 cm
Made in EU

Price199,00 €

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