Gold Snake tablet case

Description: 100% wireless signal blocking dual pocket tablet case
Color:  golden + golden (gold snake pattern)
Features: built-in Faraday cage for shielding, magnetic closure, fire-proof material
Inner pocket:  hides your tablet; blocks GPS signals, Wi-Fi signal, Bluetooth, electro-magnetic impacts.
Protects your tablet from data phishing and electro-magnetic impacts. (e.g. data corruption, electro-smog).
Outer pocket: Stores documents, cell phone and passport. Protects the human body from any harmful radiation emitted from the tablet.
seude leather (closure + belt)
artificial leather (back + front)
metal textiles (inside)
8-inch: W: 16,5 cm; L: 23,2 cm; H: 1,8 cm
10-inch: W: 23 cm; L: 28,1 cm; H: 1,5 cm
Made in EU

Price319,00 €

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