Frequently asked questions

Why do I need a Faradee phone/tablet case?

Your mobile phone keeps transmitting information about your whereabouts and activities even after you turn your phone off.  Your phone signals to tracking devices, law enforcement and advertisers your exact location as well as other activities you conducted on your phone. If you want to prevent unlawful or unethical tracking of your whereabouts as well as prevent eavesdropping, choose Faradee.

Why should I be worried about anybody following me via GPS?

It is a matter of your comfort level and desire for privacy.  Location based tracking is used by spouses, parents, advertisers and employers.

How does the Faradee phone and tablet case work?

Faradee products are based on the concept of the Faraday cage. The special metallic fabric shaped as a Faraday cage inside the case blocks all radio signals from entering and exiting the case. This special technology blocks your phone's and tablet's communication with the wireless and GPS system. When you take your device out of the Faradee case, it resumes service with the provider.

How does a Faradee case protect me against radio frequency radiation?

Faradee cases are designed with a radio frequency shielding material. This special metallic material, also used on Air Force One, reflects incoming calls and traps outgoing electromagnetic radiation inside the Faraday cage of the case.

Why can't I just switch my phone/tablet off, or turn to airplane mode, or remove the battery?

Turning your phone/tablet off doesn't mean your device can not transmit your location and other reports about your usage of the phone/tablet. Only a Faraday concept based cage creates an electromagnetic barrier between the device and the cellular network. In addition, turning your phone on and off takes over 30 seconds. Placing your phone in a Faradee case saves time.

Airplane mode is software and hardware dependent. The Faradee case provides effective shielding independent of the software and hardware your phone uses.

Whilst removing the battery removes the main power source, some phones have backup batteries which sufficiently store data.

Does the Faradee case increase or decrease battery life?

The Faradee case increases battery life when wireless reception is weak and the phone is placed in the outer pocket. When the phone/tablet is placed in the inner pocket, battery life depends on the specific phone you are using.

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