Credit Card cases

Faradee® Credit Card Case

The Faradee® RFID shielded credit card case prevents radio transmissions to and from RFID chips  embedded in enclosed credit cards, ID cards, company and home key cards.  High grade, custom design, leather.

Inner Pocket (secret pocket) functions

• AFS© Technology (Advanced Faraday Shielding)
• Blocks all RFID  transmissions
• Blocks all electronic signals
• Protects contents from electromagnetic interference (smog, solar flare, data phishing, etc.)

Outer pocket functions

Use with cards without built-in chips.

• Business cards
• Identification cards

When to use?

For everyday use. Protect yourself and your money with a wallet that blocks radio frequencies and data from escaping until you use your card. 

Protects against

It is the sudden flow of electricity between two objects caused by contact, an electrical short, or dielectric breakdown

Electrostatic discharge

Solar flares produce radiation which has an impact on electronic devices

Solar flare

E-bomb or electromagnetic bomb is a weapon to destroy electronic equipment in a given area


Electronic pickpocketing is an act of stealing credit card information by passing an RFID reader near wallet or purse


It is the act of attempting to acquire information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details

Data phishing

RFID is a small chip that contains information like the credit card number and expiration date which can be read by RFID readers

RFID reading

NFC is a set of standards for smartphones and similar devices to establish radio communication with each other


Electrosmog is the invisible electromagnetic radiation resulting from the use of both wireless technology and mains electricity