About us

Faradee® Inc. aims to protect your right to privacy. 
We experienced life behind the Iron Curtain and remember what it was like being under surveillance. Let's just say, we did not like it.  As you can imagine, we are passionate about civilian liberties. Our own desire for privacy propelled us to design a unique cell phone case that protects your privacy. The innovative materials used in our products are also used on Air Force One to ensure the highest level of privacy possible.  
Faradee® Products
Faradee products utilize a special shielding material creating a protective cage against radio frequency and electro-magnetic transmission. Our simple and smart technology is based on the concept of British physicist Michael Faraday who built the first effective electro-magnetic shielding cage in 1836.
Faradee cases give full protection for your electronic devices against electro-magnetic influences. The cases provide effective shielding on the spectrum of wireless phones. They come in different shapes for iPhone, iPad, and smart phones.
Faradee cases are a must have for anyone who wishes to protect their privacy. In particular, corporations aiming to provide a layer of actual physical protection on top of their currently existing “built in” technology based solutions. Executives, business people, lawyers and everyday people who want to control the world's access to their private dealings. Expectant or nurturing mothers who wish to protect the health of their children. Healthcare professionals and pacemaker users.
As several cases have demonstrated worldwide, governments have shown that they are tracking not only fellow government officials, but also the civilian population via their cell phones. When you are carrying your phone with you, your conversation while on or off the phone, and your location can be tracked through the wireless network.  Whether surveillance serves national, business or private interests, whether it may be constitutional or unconstitutional, ethical or unethical will serve as the basis for debate for many years to come. 
In the meantime, we offer you exclusive, fashionable, phone, laptop bag, credit card, and tablet cases which protect your privacy at your own discretion.